People like to bet in sports events for fun or to make a certain game more exciting. Some bet on their favorite team, no matter the outcome they get form it, some bet for the monetary outcome. The ones that bet for the profit are the smallest segment, because it is not easy to make money on a regular basis from placing bets. The first two categories are called by the gaming industries ‘square’ bettors, while the ones that play for the outcome are called ‘sharp’ or ‘savvy’ bettors.

In order to become good at this you need a good betting strategy. One of them is looking for your money management: do not try to bet more than you can afford to lose. Better, spread a certain bankroll in smaller bets, because in the long run you have good winning chances. If you have had a bad day and lost a big amount of money on a bet, do not try to place other big bets to recover the losses. Usually, if you won, you can increase the amount of your bets, as loses and winning come in streaks.

Also, be aware that sportsbooks vary their numbers according to the betting patterns of their bettors, the same reason you will find one or two points difference between two different sportsbook websites.

Gambling on home dogs is good advice too, because teams play a good match at home and rarely give up their victory in front of the home crowd.

Lastly, remember that if you become an expert in small teams, you have good winning chances, as not all the researchers of the sportsbook have the time to look at every sport and every game ever to play. If you find a niche and follow it, you have a good chance to win big.

When checking the odds, it is better to look for sources outside the odds highlighted by the sportsbooks you use, because they have payout odds.

The best resources for looking out on odd tips are outside the bookies:

  • Tipster Table is a community of tipsters and their betting tips. They have free table statistics from premium tipsters, arranged over user’s ratings and reviews. The website also offers strategy articles and free access to free trials and bookmaker bonuses.
  • Win Draw Win had good and free statistics and tips for soccer. It is free and gives predictions for 1×2 and Correct Score bets, football statistics, results and news. Every season there are over 20,000 predictions available.
  • PredictZ offers free tips and predictions for soccer and football. There are statistics for over 3,000 teams, more than 100 leagues, up to date tables and free bets offers.
  • Grubber’s betting tips is the website of Graham, which gives up free tips for Basketball, NFL, F1, Soccer, Tennis and Cycling. He also writes for Betfair Canada and MacTalksNFL.
  • 81bet gives soccer tips and has free live stream on football games and events.

A bettor also has to know how to read the complicated looking odds system.

Supposing you bet with a bag of money of an amount of your choice, if the odds are 1/1, you bet a bag of money and win a bag of money similar to the one you placed in the wager and the original bag you placed in the bet. If the odds are 3/1, you bet one bag, and if you win you get the three bags and the original bag you placed, so you win 4 bags of money.

If the odds are ½, and you wager 2 notes of a certain amount, in the case you win, you get one note back, plus the 2 you originally placed, thus 3 notes.

If the odds are 3/2, you bet 2 notes of a certain amount, and in the case you win, you get 3 notes back, having 5 notes at the end.