Betser is the latest offering from Hero Gaming. They are best known for Casino Heroes. But while that was an online casino, Betser is an online sportsbook which operates under a never before thought of concept. They are targeting players who want a fresh approach to the age-old sportsbook concept.

The game offers players rewards every time they play. For each bet they place, they receive Brains or Balls points. This is the core concept. Balls points are given whenever you make a gutsy play, or high odds bet and brains points are given for the opposite, logical bets. Every single play is rewarded here.

The points can also be redeemed for free spins and bets. Here are a couple of the promotions to look forward to with Betser:

  • The Bet Booster: This gives you the best odds for pre-selected match combinations.
  • Moneyback: Offers like the ‘no brainer’ and ‘balls on the table.’

The Betser league is one more feature to keep your eyes open for. It has a football league sort of structure. You collect points when you place bets and progress up the table. This adds a competitive element to betting and everyone gets an opportunity to prove how much better they are. There is something for everyone at Betser.

Now, here are a few tips to help you place the right bets:

Steer clear of parlays and teasers

The first secret when it comes to online sportsbooks is related to parlays and teasers. What amateurs should know about these bets is they belong to a group of bets that are basically considered disadvantageous for bettors and are more beneficial for the sportsbooks. Payouts from parlays and teasers might appear to be attractive to the untrained eye but the truth is you can earn much more if you take part in some straight up games instead.

In order to better understand what this means, here’s an example: If you bet a parlay on three teams with $20 and the payouts are 6:1, if you win all three, you will get $120. But, the chances of winning all three are one in six. Most people would end up with a 3-0 around eleven times. As far as this type of play is concerned, you’re already losing irrespective of where you’re placing your bet.

One more reason why parlays are better for the sportsbook is that even bettors with a winning record may still lose. In short, if you want a steady flow of income, stay away from teasers or parlays.

Majority doesn’t always win

Whether you’re placing bets online or with a local bookie, 80% of the bettors on a team won’t necessarily be betting on the team. You should stay as far away from this as you can. For simple games, where locks are guaranteed, bettors tend to practice this. When a game looks too easy, people who don’t bet on sports usually go out of their way to bet on a sure winner since they feel it’s easy money and this is how a sportsbook is able to make money while 97% of all bettors lose money.

Knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean success

Many people, who like to watch a particular sport, give online sportsbooks a shot thinking that they are going to be successful instantly since they know how the sport works and have been following it for a while. But this is a misconception as many people who think like this usually, end up being disappointed in the end. Sports fans think they have understood everything there is to know about a sport and assume that they will be really good at sports betting. Just because you know which players are good and which ones aren’t performing doesn’t mean you will be able to predict how a team is going to perform night after night.